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might as well do this while everyone else is

[So, I'm leaving. I don't have time to do this amazing woman justice, though god I wish I did.

Most of you know where else I am, if not just ask and I'll let you know. I'll be removing people here later.

I'm picking the next Angelina. Not because I think I was so amazing at writing her that I have some kind of right to decide who can and can't do it, but because she is too wonderful to have someone take her and write about her cutting herself and shit she did years and years ago.

I picked. Go add j_angie. You'll love her, I promise.

Unless angiejolie wants her back, this role is now available. Okay it's just available. She isn't able to take her back so if you want her, now's your chance.

I'm choosing, so email me at angie_jolie@livejournal.com and tell me why you want her or I don't know, something about giving her to you.

Brad - I'm sorry for springing this on you, though you knew I was considering it. I don't care what anyone says you are wonderful.

To everyone else, I love you and I'll see you around]
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